Completely relaxed

Holidays at Kaltern Lake are varied with lots of different activities on offer. In addition to a wide-ranging multi-faceted programme of activities, there are also traditional festivals which offer entertainment all year round for every age group. On top of all this there is the natural landscape which continues to attract visitors.

When everything grows and blossoms

In spring when the apple orchards are in full bloom, hiking and boat trips are the first taste of the summer to come. The delicate fragrance of the blossoms, the mild climate and the wholesome tranquility, invite you to relax, daydream and enjoy. And it is at this time when nature starts to awaken that the desire to celebrate is revived. Why not come and visit us during South Tyrol’s Wine Route Week, the “Eppaner Burgenritt” – a horse race around Appiano's castles, the Mendel History or the Kalterer Seespiele – a festival of musicals and concerts.

When the summer sun smiles

it is bathing season in Kaltern. The Kaltern Lake is not only the warmest lake in the Alps it is also one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. Sportspeople and families can enjoy an endless variety of activities on and around the lake. Hikers can conquer a few summits while nature enthusiasts can explore the Rastenbach Gorge, the ice holes or the Bletterbach Gorge at the foot of the Weisshorn. And wine connoisseurs can be tempted by the fine wines in the wine cellars.

When rays of sun fall across the colourful piles of leaves

Once autumn arrives in the countryside it is time for harvesting to begin. The scent of fresh apples and roasted chestnuts drifts across the air and it is time for the traditional “Törggele” evenings to begin. This is the peak time for hiking, cultural discovery tours and enjoying the local cuisine. If you want to indulge yourself you don’t have very far to go. The warming rays of sun lend you strength for the coming wintertime.

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